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PaaSport Marketplace - Final Release

The research result PaaSport Marketplace – Final release of the FP7 project PaasPort is a platform that resolves the data and application portability issues that exist in the Cloud PaaS market through a flexible and efficient deployment and migration approach.

PaaSport suggests an approach that allows developers to be independent from a single vendor and be able to switch between different platforms that they can discover through a single marketplace. This single, interoperable marketplace removes the semantic interoperability barriers and enables the unified access to different PaaS offerings, facilitates cross-platform deployment and allows European Cloud PaaS vendors (in particular SMEs) to promote their products. The offered platform is currently at public beta that is available online for registration and usage. It allows both PaaS providers and developers to use it in order to register their PaaS offerings and deploy their applications to a PaaS accordingly...

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PaaSport Marketplace - First Release

The main outcome of the EU-funded PaaSport Project is a thin, non-intrusive broker that mediates between PaaS offerings and PaaS users and serves as a marketplace of PaaS offerings.

This, the PaaSport Marketplace, allows different PaaS providers to advertise their cloud offerings while it enables developers to discover the PaaS offering that best meets their needs, while they benefit from a PaaS abstraction layer in order to avoid the vendor lock-in problem. Although the final PaaSport Marketplace is not going to be released until 2016, this first release is a milestone showing the progress on all levels of the project.

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PaaSport research project explores Platform-as-a-service projects

Karlsruhe, Germany, February 20, 2015. How can companies and organizations use Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)? The goal of the current PaaSport research project is to improve the appeal of the software and broaden its areas of application.

Managed by IT associations from Germany (BITMi), Latvia (LIKTA), Sweden (GCM) and Turkey (TBV) the research project practically examines ways to make the PaaS concepts attractive to institutes and organizations. These activities included surveying members of the IT associations to determine the challenges and solutions.

Overcoming the vendor lock-in problem

The surveys identified the so-called "vendor lock-in" as a major obstacle. Vendor lock-in is defined as; user or company concerns with respect to data access and/or loss in the event of the PaaS provider declaring bankruptcy, or being unable to migrate data and applications to the systems of other providers seamlessly in the event of bankruptcy. And so the project focuses closely on ways to resolve this problem by examining ways for companies to overcome manufacturing dependencies.

PaaSport marketplace

Another goal of the research project is to create an independent market place for PaaS offers. This will make it easier for small and medium-sized enterprises and organizations to search for and find suitable Cloud PaaS offers on a Europe wide basis, as well as making it easier to create and operate mobile Cloud applications.

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